Our partners :


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Supports we are seeking:

An endeavor of this dimension requires substantial financial and material investments.

Main expense items :

  • Logistic : Flights / Equipment shipping / Insurances / Weather forecasting and routing services
  • specific equipment : Camping / Clothing / Freeze dried meals / Communication technology

[A detailed list resuming our needs is available on request]

Which sponsorship levels are open ?

2 options:

  • Any equipment partnership is welcome
  • A financial, direct or indirect [help to the logistic purchases] support , is unmistakably the best way of meeting our needs.

Of course, feedback to the partners will be depending of their commitment.


Sponsorship benefits for the partner:

  • Media cover: a broad and assured audience in the mountaineering, skiing, kiting and polar communities.
    But because it's a huge endeavour, the expedition should interest a wider public. Also, a direct collaboration with a consumer quality media is looked for.

  • Media exposure time: a few expensive opportunity for our partners to be regularly visible [during several months] in the media specialized in the outdoor sports.

  • The possibility of being associated to an exceptional endeavour based on positive values: challenge, commitment, skills and know-how in extreme environment.

  • Logos of the partners on our blogs homepage ( French and English versions); the blogs daily update will inform the public of our progress and should generate a strong attendance.

  • The daily broadcasting of our progress, additionned with short dispatches [in English and in French; possibly in German on request] available to everybody (and what the partners can relieve on their websites), as well as dedicated news for main sponsors, will offer to the public the possibility of living the real time expedition.

  • Final communication will be made by the publication of detailed reports, articles, videos and high quality images for our partners and media.

  • The partners will have naturally the possibility of promote their brand and know-how through the specific use which we shall make of their equipments or their services. Photos and videos of the expedition (or preparatory phases) will be kept available for the partners and free of rights.

  • Advertising impact of the partnership: international.

Is the partner receiving advertising space ?

  • On our two blogs (English and French versions), our partners are mentioned :
    - On all the pages, in the right bar (logo with cross-reference towards the partners websites)
    - On the page dedicated to
    - In a news specifically dedicated to every partner, on the page Blog (entrance page of the website). Ex:
    New choice of kites : Flysurfer Speed or Snowsled, "historic" partner

  • The daily dispatches [in English and in French] sent by satellite connection during the expedition, the detailed reports, the high quality photos and videos realized before (example here) and after the expedition, will be free of rights and available for our partners.
    Dispatches specifically dedicated [in French, in English or in German] can be sent to partners since Greenland to the case of a privileged partnership.
    [Annotation: the possibilities of sending images during the expedition will be function of the the sponsors commitment].

  • All our partners will be mentioned in the press releases which we shall make and articles which we shall publish.

  • For the partners supplying equipments, possibility of technical return on the material used during the expedition via a publication on the website of the French outdoor sport magazine (approximately 3000 unique day visitors).

How often does the partners logos get exposed to the public ?

  • Permanently on our two blogs (English & French versions), before, during and after the expedition.

  • Partenrs names will be mentioned in every press release, article or video which we shall publish.

  • As tester for the most serious and independent outdoor sports magazine (Carnets d'Aventure) in France, Michael will publish articles on the equipments which will have given full satisfaction during the expedition. These notes will be visible online on the website (approximately 3000 unique day visitors) without any limitation of time. Example here.

  • As professionnal polar guide, snowkite and mountain bike instructor, or as having a very regular practise as ski-mountaineer and snowkiter, Michael is in a permanent way exposed to the public and to his customers. He plays thus naturally ambassador's role of the brands he uses.

Is there media coverage associated with this request ?

  • As we have demonstrated during previous kite skiing expeditions, we are really familiar with articles and reports publications, in French and English, in the specialized press and web.
    We already published various reports in many media : PolarExplorersweb,,,,, Carnets d'Aventures /, Prévol Parapente, Trek Magazine, Montagnes Magazine, Ski Rando Magazine, Canoe Kayak Magazine, Kanu, Globe-Trotter, Alpes Magazine,,,,,, etc.

  • Beyond the frame of these expeditions, an important part of Michael's professional experience is based on the publication in specialized media, through text and image, reports and pictures (see here). We thus claim a real experience for this type of communication, and we combine this know-how with our familiarity of the publishing networks (among others the editorial offices of specialized journals).

So, we are totally convinced that we shall publish dispatches before departure and complete articles after return, on outdoor sports, kitesurfing, mountaineering, trekking websites and magazines.

We have very good connection with the attractive french outdoor sports magazine Carnets d'Aventures / website ( : Michael has already wrote many articles for them. We have no doubt that they will follow us and tell about the expedition in their magazine / website next spring.

  • Concretely, we made a training kite session in Norway last march. We already published a report on the Flysurfer famous kite producer website and are now suggesting the full report to different international kite magazines.

  • Our communication and media exposure will benefit from the recent surge in media interest in the polar regions for their sensitive climate. The combination of the scientific background of the Greenland inlandsis [fine statistical analyses of the weather and aerology data] at the heart of the project, and the athletic challenge of its realization in the field, gives us the opportunity to convey a substantial amount of background information nested in a captivating story to the general public.