Starting point and finish line: Narsaq (Southern Greenland)

Dates: April 20 - June 20 2014

Provisional planning :

  • D1 - D4 Deposit at end of Qaleraligd Fjord (latitude 61N). Ascent from sea level to the glacier plateau (elevation 1800 m, progression against the dominant winds)
  • D9 Passage the latitude of the capital Nuuk (latitude 64N).
  • D11 Abandoned american radar station DYE 2 (latitude 66.5 N).
  • D14 Latitude of Illulissat (69N). Progression between 2200 m - 2400 m.
  • D21 We are going to leave the route we followed in 2008, heading towards the extreme north of the icecap. (Latitude beyond 80N, elevation 1800 m).
  • D23 We will enter the Northeast Greenland National Park. (With a size comparable to Egypt, it’s world largest national park.)
  • D25 heading south east.
  • D28 - D34 The itinerary climbs 1000 m over a distance of 650 km until 73N, while passing the nunataks of Dronning Louise Land (D30), and the mountains of Kong Christian X Land (D32 - D34).
  • D37 Passage at 165 km from Gunnbjorn Fjeld (3964 m), the culminating point of Greenland and the Arctic; crossing above the large ‘funnel’ formed by the Kangerlugssuaq Glacier draining the icecap towards the homonymous fjord.
  • D38 Traversing ‘east col’ (Latitude 68.3N).
  • D39 -D41 Losing 800 m over 300 km until reaching the latitude of the south col (66N).
  • D41 - D45 Progression at 2000 m elevation, close to the mountains of Kong Frederiks VI Kyst (latitude 63N).
  • D48 Traversing the south east col separating the mountain ranges above of Kap Farvel at the extreme south tip from the icecap. (latitude 61.8N).
  • D49 Final descent, passing an area scattered with large isolated nunataks.
  • D50 Reaching the point of departure at the end of Qaleraligd fjord. recovery by boat to Narsaq.


Total distance: 5100 km.



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