Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hotspot in a cold place

For about two months, our satellite phone will be our only link to civilization. We will send regular updates of our position, and what we experience out there, so that you can follow our progress.

We are going to receive daily weather updates and stay in touch with our logistic router. And from time to time people send us encouraging text messages - something we really appreciated and enjoyed during our last big adventure in 2008 (Wings over Greenland 2008).

Hotspot in a cold place. Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone, Iridium 
Axcesspoint wifi router, and tablet computer.

At the same time, the satellite phone is also an important tool to ensure our safety. It will allow us to consult a doctor for medical advice, request additional information from our router, and to coordinate evacuation or rescue if needed.

For redundancy in this important piece of equipment, we just bought a second satellite phone (Iridium Extreme) used from Simon from the 'polarice' guys. Thank you very much Simon! It came complete with tons of accessories, including the 'Iridium Axcesspoint' to create a Wifi hotspot - right in our tent. Yes, you read that right: we will be able to connect a tablet or small computer to our satellite phone over Wifi and send an image or longer text update via email every now and then. (The bandwidth is extremely limited and communication costs are very high, but we try our best.)

Stay connected!

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