Friday, March 28, 2014

Cargo on its way to Narsaq

For our trip around Greenland we are going to bring about 180 kgs of food, fuel, and equipment each.  Too much to carry along with us on our flights there on April 14 and 15. Except for the fuel the rifle and some personal affairs most part is shipped from France. After some epic days of preparation our freight was ready to be picked up by the trucking company for road transport from Grenoble to Aalborg. Right in time before leaving to Finse for a week of kiting and recovery.

Freight, ready for pick-up by the trucking company. After road transport
from Grenoble to Aalborg it will reach Narsaq onboard the cargo ship
'Mary Arctica' from Royal Arctic. The boxes in the back contain our daily
food rations and equipment. In the front: 8 Pulks and bags from Snowsled
Polar, ready to be shipped.
We just got confirmation from Royal Arctic, that our freight has left Aalborg as planned on March 25 onboard 'Mary Arctica'. It is scheduled to arrive in Narsaq, our starting point in Greenland, on April 5.

Thanks to Royal Arctic for their help and patience in getting our stuff on its way to Narsaq!

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