Monday, March 10, 2014

Support Wings over Greenland !

We are now back to our WOG "business as usual" after one month of intense guiding in Norway for Mika and an exclusive focus on logistical tasks for Cornelius, including the preparation of the food rations and getting the cargo on its way to Greenland. More on these two major subjects soon.

Similar to our previous expeditions, this project relies on the use of minimal resources, in line with our ethics and our vision of the expedition microcosm. But this time, our ambitious goal of 5000 km and 65 days days in full autonomy take us to a dimension that we had never reached so far.

For us who travel without financial partner and therefore with limited means, the preparation of  a such expedition is extremely costly in time, energy, but in particular on the financial level. The overall budget this endeavour is around € 60,000 (we'll tell about that in a later news) !

If adventure usually implies a physical challenge, we came to realize that this time and in our case its even more an economic one. We clearly tighten our belt and and focus our entire existence on this project to get the privilege to possibly fulfill our dreams ...

If you find our approach to this project and how we try to realize our dreams meaningful, you are still able to concretely support us by making a donation of your choice to the association "Wings over Greenland". You will find a PDF document titled "Support us , make a donation" with the bank details of the association  in the right column of the blog under "file download".

We won't forget to send you a personal message during the trip to give you the opportunity to live the expedition from inside.

Many thanks for your support!

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