Sunday, June 15, 2014

5000 km and counting

15/06 camp 49
Distance today: 153 km
Total distance: 5001 km
Position: 61.6072 N 47.0510 W, alt 1700 m
Hours kited: 11 h

We just set camp, had dinner (at 6 o clock in the morning), and read the forecast once more. It appears that the last good weather window to gain the coast for some time is right now.

After 30 minutes of sleep for Cornelius, and none for Mika, we decided to get going straight away and try to get as far as we can. Wings over Greenland goes the extra mile...

We will come back with more details later.

Cornelius would like to dedicate the 5000 km to his parents who put him on skis early and to the memory of uncle Wolfgang, who introduced him to the world of flying objects - the two passions at the heart of this journey.

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  1. Dear Cornelius, we are glad to see your progress and we enjoy very much your dedication.
    Your parents.


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