Monday, June 2, 2014

A swan, here ?

01/06, camp 40
Distance today : 174 km
Total distance : 3 702 km
Position : N70.783 W32.921, alt 2680m
Moving time : 11h30

Between the eastern edge of Greenland and the inlandsis, between lat 74 and lat 66, over a stretch of about 1400km, one can find very dens and impressive mountain ranges. Away from everything, as wild as it can be, unknown even by locals, this area hides wonders, like the Stauning Alps, or Watkins Bjerge (where the summit of Greenland lays - 3693 m), or Schweizerland...

We left to our left hand side the Land of Charcot, and a bit more to the east and to the south the above mentioned Stauning Alps and the Renland. We are now at the latitude of the Land of Milne (very popular amongst skiers for its very steep couloirs) and the bottom of the fjord system of Scoresbysund, the deepest fjord system in the world (about 400km). We at the same latitude as Liverpool Land (small mountain massif) by the sea shore that i used to travel through quiet a bit those last few years, and very close to the latitude of Ittoqqortoormiit, a small village of about 450 inhabitants (the northeast settlement on the east coast, 800 km away from its neighbor village Tasiilaq, and 450 km from Iceland's shore).

After our freezing cold 1st of january night we left our camp 39 with a NNW wind, quiet consistant. This proper tailwind was though not strong enough to "carry" us using our Beringer ; we therefore started with the speed 10m2. It took us a little while to get proper speeds, using our favourite loops techniques using the whole frame of the "window", Around km 100, the wind was really getting weaker ; we then used our "big guns" (Speed 19) tacking in wide turns in a beautiful lowering light that made us feel in the spring. We even were overflown by a beautiful swan...

PS :
- here's a chance to send greetings to the friendly team with whom we crossed entirely the Liverpool Land 2 years ago : Pascal "Golgoth" Nollet, Malik Rhamani, Alain Knibily, Jean Dietz, Raymond Vidonne, Michel Pincemaille, Seb Escande. Cheers guys !
- We just got out of the national parc "Nord-east Greenland" (the widest national parc on earth, as big as Egypt) ; we were in there for 15 days and went over 1300km of it.
- We just passed south to the latitude of Jan Mayen, a small norvegian island in the north of the Atlantique North.

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