Monday, May 5, 2014

Waiting for better days...

4/05, Day 16
Distance today: 0
Total distance : 898 km
Position : idem
Moving time: 0 H

Hopeless kiters looking desperately for some wind...

Marc, our weatherman, told us this morning about a quiet tricky weather window where we are currently on the glacier. And, despite an early breathe, it's is very true ! But that was too early for us, that went to sleep at about 3 o'clock in the morning. And on top of that the temperatures are heavily going down : about -30°C are expected over night.

In those conditions even our big weapons (the speed 3 19m2) cannot be used. This "pit stop" is seriously ruining our plans of aver 100km a day average, with 2 rest days within the 5 last ones spent on the glacier. But it's not like we're having any choice anyway.

Now we're working against the clock, and no progression is given and easy : we have to work on every kilometer, just so we can get things going a bit, even though the wind is so weak at the moment. This is our only chance these days to get over 100km in one day. It's a bit like a sailing course at sea, except that we need to stop every day to get some sleep...

PS :
- Warm greetings to Pascal Nollet et Jérôme Thielland, wanderers of the icy Liverpool Land
- Cheers to our friend Jojo Blancho, mountain kiter, that we wish he could have been with us now.
- Our best regards to Micel Caplain who, during "Wings over Greenland 1" in 2008, helped us with his experienced weather advises. Michel : thanks again for accpeting this mission back then.

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