Thursday, May 29, 2014


29/05 camp 37
Distance today: 70 km
Total distance: 3243 km
Position: 74.773 N 29.264 W, alt 2500m
Hours kited: 7h

"... sun is shinin' the weather is sweet, make you want to move your dancin' feet ..." a little fresh snow without wind the last night, excellent weather, rest, some good music, and the prospect for a good night of kiting. In short: a feeling of holiday. We had reached the eastmost point of our expedition yesterday and we ought to move sout westward from now on. Wings Over Greenland II does not cut on corners:

Farthest south, starting point on the pack in Qaleraligd Fjord: 61.019 N 46.732 W
Farthest west, automatic weather station Humboldt: 78.528 N 56.840 W
Farthest north, "confluence" 81 N 40 W: : 81.001 N 39.993 W
Farthest east: 75.354 N 28.291 W

Admittedly, east is cheap at this latitude, and For this one Marc was a little scared we would be "blown off the continent"!

Yet the best of the day was a surprise. First we received mails via July Brown and Laurent on one side, and from Marc on the other side, that Dixie and Eric were kindly asking for an appointment for a satellite phone call! We were tent bound, waiting for the wind to turn a little north easterly to get out of our last 'corner'. And sure enough at the end of the suggested time slot, our satellite phone rang! Dixie and Eric took precious time to share their experience, and to listen to ours. The precise content of the conversation is probably even not that important. But hearing their voices and spending a long moment connected with the two people who likely know best what we live, who face similar difficulties, and who experience similar moments of reward is a really generous gift here on the ice. And we thought it would be great to meet all of us one day off the ice. Thank you very much Dixie and Eric.

Dixie and Eric are now on their final stretch to complete their circumnavigation. All the best for the remaining kilometers!

Speaking of corners, there is one of these points we will have to visit a second time, in order to close the circle. For us this is still a challenge and a long way to go!

After a nice morning and this incredible surprise, We started with high spirits and good hope. Unfortunately our progression today was a little unlucky, and we didn't make the best of a really favourable slot.

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