Sunday, May 4, 2014

Shovel repair and more loops

03/05 day 15
Distance today: 107 km
Total distance: 898 km
Position: 68.819 N 45.283 W, alt 2095m
Hours kited: 7h

We spent a good part of the morning in the tent, and quite some time on repairing the broken Lexan blade of Mikas shovel. We decided on stopping the propagation of the crack with a hole, molten with a pin we heated red-hot on the camping stove, and did a few more holes to mend the crack with a good number of stitches with steel wire - hope this helps at least fore a while. Last time we did this in Iceland with my shovel this worked out fine, but I have switched to an aluminum blade for winter camping since then however.
Maybe you can see the stitches in the picture - if resolution allows... The small sticker on the blade actually reads: "LEXAN Blade is impact tested & warranted if you brake this blade we'll replace it FREE". Not sure whether they deliver on the Greenland icecap.
After two days with good distances on the Beringer skisails we had secretly hoped this may go on. We quickly understood that there was no chance, and started on the Speed 4 10 m2, but after barely more than 10 km we had to admit that even this was not enough. Back to the Speed 3 19 m2, and zillions of loops. Antoine, we have done the kilometer dedicated to your winning entry in the loop count calculation contest as promised! And we actually did about a 100 more kilometers of loops.
We kited until 1 o clock in the morning without missing our headlights. While there is no night any more, we do not have midnight sun yet. But heading north and with the advancing season we hope this will soon be the case.
We are about at the latitude of Aasiaat, 5 th biggest settlement in Greenland.

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