Friday, May 9, 2014

The tree that hides a forest...

8/05, camp 19
Distance today : 193 km
Total distance: 1452 km
Position : N73.621 W49.265, alt : 2355 m
Moving time:  12 hours (105 km with the Speed 10 and 88 km with Speed 19)

The tree, it's the 400km we kited over the last 2 sessions of 12 hours. Pretty good. The forest, it's the low winds we'll encounter in the next 3 days, if Marc's predictions are correct. We could start to feel the slower winds yesterday evening already ; we had to improvise a 2 hours "sudoku break". But despite our hopes of an efficient night, the catabatics never really came.

While we notice low clouds moving, only a few hundred meters above the glacier, the air layer on the ground was very stable, allowing for fog formations at times. Around midnight the sceneries were totally surreel, we could progress in such a low sunlight, which from now on will not set anymore. And we love that :-)

We've passed the latitude of Upernavik on the west coast of Greenland, and of Pond Inlet (Baffin Island).

the next days will allow us for only difficult and probably slow progression. We'll have to struggle every of the kilometers we'll gain in our journey...

PS :
- Greetings to Pascal Giraud (the "Queyrasin") ; we wish you a wonderful norvegian recovery, to Mathieu "the neighbour", and Thierry "the addictive" ;-)
- Thanks to Nono, PalBrudevoll, Alain Rumeau, Jo Blancho, Christine Berton, Quentin Gaudiliaire, Corinne David, Johanna, hervé "350", my brother and parents for your kind messages
- Hi, and thanks to Amelie Gendron, from Grenoble

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