Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chilling out in the sun

Yesterday we finally catched the wind with our kites and even though we did not make great distance, we gained some altitude kiting uphill upwind. This should make things a little easier from now on. The slope gets less steep, temperatures get lower, and we expect better winds. Yet at the very moment the north easterly wind is too weak to get going in the good direction with our still heavy sleds. And after yesterdays kiting session, manhauling doesn't really appeal to us - for the time being.
Right now we take advantage of this break to charge the batteries of our equipment, to rest, and to send a picture of Mika hauling one of his pulks up the glacier tongue above Qaleraligd Fjord, which can be seen in the background.
We hope for some more wind tonight or tomorrow evening to reach the 'plateau' and to get us to our cruise altitude of about 2000 m to 2200 m.

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  1. After reading some of your articles, even I want to go to Greenland and do all that stuff. A few more photos will be better for all of us to understand your adventures better, at least I think so.

    Meanwhile, have fun.

    Varun (http://www.varunmnayak.blogspot.com)


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