Saturday, April 19, 2014

Successful departure despite uncertain stability of the floe by fjord Qaleralik

Day 1

distance skied on day 1 : 3,7 km
total distance since departure : 3,7 km

61,0312N / 46,7952W / alt 160m

Ready to go. Laansinnguaq is going to bring us to our starting point in
Qualeraligd Fjord with the 'Tattak' from Blue Ice Explorer. In the
background, a cargo ship from Royal Arctic Line calling Narsaq. We had
shipped our equipment with one of those.

Boat drop off at the bottom of fjord Qaleralik, after zigzaging through the breaking sea ice.
After 1,8 km of flat snow, we had to drag, one by one, our humungus pulkas up the steep hill leading to the glacier outlet.

Start on the pack ice in Qaleraligd Fjord.

Then another effort to higher ourselves up to the same area where we established our first camp in 2008. That took us 2 forth and backs.

Total walikng time : 7 hours.
We're off to bed, exhausted...

Special thoughts to Hervé

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