Thursday, April 10, 2014

Final preparations

There are many things we would like to write about and to share, but we are completely saturated with final preparations for our departure on monday April 14.

In the meanwhile "explorersweb" have sent us a few questions about our expedition and made a nice little article from our responses.

Read the article: explorersweb on Wings Over Greenland II

Explorersweb is a great website with news from the polar community, following up on expeditions, and full of inspiration for new projects.

Once on our way, we will resume with regular posts on our progression and the daily life of the expedition.
Stay tuned, departure from France to Copenhagen is on monday April 14, and our flight from there to Narsaq, Greenland is on tuesday 15 already!

In 2008 we headed down to reach Qaanaaq over the frozen Bowdoin Fjord. This time we plan to push further beyond
80 degrees north, before returning home on the eastern side

Training in Finse. For our circumnavigation project we rely on the latest technology in closed cell kite design to efficiently exploit the weak katabatic winds we expect in the northern part of this gigantic journey. Speed 3 19 m2." (click to enlarge)

Training in Finse. Playing in the hills with the Speed 4 10 m2.

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