Thursday, April 24, 2014

We slowly get going

Day 5 23/04/2014
Position: 61.6082 N 47.3536 W
Elevation: 1660 m
Distance today: 32 km
Total distance: 78 km
After yesterdays night kiting session we slept in late and rested in the tent, waiting for the wind to pick up again. We finally got out in the late afternoon and started kiting with our Speed 3 de luxe 19 m2 at around 16h30. While the 20 km/h of easterly wind is largely sufficient to power this kite it just barely kept us moving along the correct heading with our sleds. When the wind weakened, we extended ou lines from 21 m to 33 m and had to continuously loop our kites to keep going. We nearly called it a day, when the wind eventually gradually picked up, and pushed us comfortably for another 20 kms. With some mountains close by to our west, fading daylight, and temperatures dropping, we set camp at 21h30 after a total or 32 kms and another 300 m of elevation gain.

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