Sunday, April 13, 2014

„Secure“... again „secure“... Always „secure“ !

„secure“, as THE Key word !

Let‘s start with the top, the head wear : in addition to the warm hat for the evening, the cap for the hopefully sunny end of the trip in june, and a helmet for kite skiing, we stuff our both suitcases with 3 balaclavas and 2 ski goggles ; these are the best assets to prevent frostbites on our faces... To be secure, we packed double amount of them...

Our hands : same thing goes here ; we need base layers (that we probably hardly won‘t ever take off). Then we have different kinds of gloves : from light weight summer kinds to warm and fully water/wind proofed mittens. This is critical survival equipment for our fingers, so we don‘t take any chance here either : we have everything double in case of loss of something.

The feet : pretty delicate question here. The feet are the furthest extremities to the „heat“ center of the body, the core. And to be able to achieve our travelling goals at a decent pace, we need to ski hard and agressive all the time, which means the shoes that are going to enable us to do so are not made to insulate our feet from the cold temperatures that well. We‘ve been looking and looking for the right solutions (like suing our own boot insulting layer from scratch, or customizing others that we had bought) without finding something good enough. But it looks like we finally have found something interesting : easy to use, and specially made for ski boots. „over boots“ made of neoprene, from the manufacturer „40 below“ (with such a name, it can only be good, can it not ?)
We‘ll be trying those !

Let‘s not forget the following : a good protection of our extremities starts with an excellent protection and insulation of the core of our bodies (chest, neck, legs). Therefore we‘ll be skiing wearing down clothes both pants or overalls and jackets, as often as we‘ll reach below 20s. That will be our ultimate  protection against coldness, to keep our body core at its ideal temperature to keep irrigating in blood the whole body and extremities.

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