Monday, April 28, 2014

Melt lake

27/04/2014, day 9

Total distance: 352 km
Distance today: 82 km
Position: 64.0529 N 47.8048 W, alt 2090m

Once more we had a late start, and left only around 5 pm local time to take advantage of the better winds in the evening and the night. The last days, we had the impression, that the wind was alway better at night - probably due to the diurnal variation of the katabatic winds, which currently reinforce the easterly meteorological conditions. Today however we had regrets about this choice, nearly the entire day would probably have worked for kiting. 5 hours on our Speed 3 19 m2 and an uncounted number of kiteloops made us gain another 82 km. The winds were already veering to the south, and progression with tailwinds was not always easy.

For tomorrow, the forecast even announces westerly winds, so we will try to get going earlier for the fear they might be balanced by the katabatics at night.

We crossed another few depressions, which looked to us like drained melt water lakes. The stranded iceberg in the image seems to confirm this interpretation...? The first really small and gentle sastrugis reminded us kindly, that progression will not alway be as smooth as the last days. Fortunately there were only a few short stretches of them.

We set camp close to the latitude of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, - and close to the latitude of Reykjavik by the way. Greenland extends far to the south! Hello to Laurent, our logistic router, who lives in Reykjavik!

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