Friday, April 25, 2014

loose day

24th of april, day 6
Distance today : 0
Total distance : 78 km
Same position

Again we went late to sleep, and missed out on the windy window of the morning. But we still packed everything to get going. But no wind to be found. We spent about 8 hours sitting or lying on our pulkas, waiting for the wind to pick up.

Around 8pm raises a freezing fog, and still no wind. Tired of waiting we pitch the tents again, only a few meters away from the previous camp...

All of a sudden after dinner i start to feel really bad : drop of pressure, nausea, high pulse, not far from loosing consciousness. I manage to get out of the tent quickly. Cornelius starts to feel the same.
We quickly realize what happened : the tent is quite well insulated (letting little air out, specially if no wind) and the air is circulating too little for our stoves to work properly. Other signs should have awakened us before : we could see that our cooking equipment was not doing a full and proper combustion, and we woke up a couple of times with some light headaches.
Good signs for a starting CO poisoning. This is very common of polar expeditions ; we'll have to watch out for that now.

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