Wednesday, April 30, 2014

in bed... no moving today !

30/04/2014, day 12
Distance today : 0 km
Total distance : 505 km
Position : same as yesterday

Confidence, patience, willpower, caution...
These are words that my partner Sylvie sends us.
For us they don't have the same importance, according to the situation.

The willpower is probably the keystone of a long and labourious expedition. Our daily 100km target no matter what are the conditions is not a light challenge, specially after today spent fully in the tent. We therefore HAVE to stay motivated and constantly revive our willpower. Often, just to gain a few kilometers even though we're already tired and finished for the day. It's everyday a pretty long process to get out of the sleeping bags, pack everything and get going. Longer that what one could imagine actually !

Caution, is certainly the most complicated for me, in this occasion. It's obvious that we have to be cautious, and we are ! The risk taken, the hazard management, is very personal ; we often have different opinions there.

Today again we are in the storm. Several times we both thought of maybe taking off. But the work it would have been to get going kind of calmed down our will. Did we miss anything ? The winds are still gusting stronger than 60km/h, and it's still very humid. We would probably have transformed into ice cubes anyway...

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