Thursday, April 17, 2014

In the starting blocks !

Those 2 last days were insanely busy. But we‘re finally starting to see clearer and clearer. The pulkas are loaded ; we‘re now reassured, everything seems to fit our 1500 L available in the sleds.

We‘re gonna leave either tomorrow morning or the day after, depending on weather conditions (huge depression went over Greenland yesterday ; today the weather is still really strong and the sea might keep quiet rough tomorrow again.)

There is a big question mark also on the state of the coastal floe by the Qaleralik fjord, where our expedition is to start. It could be that the wind broke it apart : are we gonna be able to step on the frozen sea and get to the bottom of the fjord that way, before our acsent on the glacier cap ?

Still some questions remain...

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  1. Good luck guys ; we'll be following you !


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