Friday, April 18, 2014

No departure on a holy friday !

This morning we had to postpone once again our departure, because of a rough sea and icy sprays. Or maybe the reason is elsewhere : here, as everywhere elase in northenr Europe, it's a bank holiday, easter !
But we have good hope of being able to set off tomorrow, "inch allah". In the meantime, we practice our abilities to nap, and play sudoku. Well we're double checking everything as well :-).

The weather forecast for the next days shows high pressures coming back, and good weather (the ocean is already strating to look flat and oily).

If that's the case, it's likely that we won't use our kites in the beginning ; we have to be ready to sweat a bit....

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  1. Hello guys, hope everything is still fine and that today you managed to reach the starting point. Didn't know anything about Greeenland until Cornelius told me about your first trip in 2008.Last days I've been curious about the place, and I found some nice pictures of the surroundings of Narsaq and Qaleralik fjord. Now I'm in a sort of "Greenland mood" so I'll follow your posts and the progress, and of course I'll encourage you both. Good Luck for the departure ! Florian.


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