Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Now that's it ; here we are !

There is so much that we would have loved to share regarding the preparation of this expedition. Unfortunately we‘ve been running after time, dealing with logistics and millions of details to fix and solve.
But now, before we set off, it‘s time to sum up the first step of our trip : the preparation. Yes this counts as almost half of the trip, as it‘s such a crucial part!

This project got born about 2 years and a half ago (even if the idea of it is even older). And we‘ve been actively working on it since about a year and a half. For about 6 months everything got fast forwarded as we went full force into it, leaving aside everything else of our lives ; the final 8 weeks went really intense !
We‘ve been working between 15 and 20 hours during those last 4 weeks, all in front of our computers and on the phone, trying to finalize everything ; a huge work ! I guess you would have expected us to focus on getting physically fit for the challenge, right ?
But no, preparing such an expedition seems to be more like being a company manager rather than a high performance sportsman. But that also explains why there isn‘t that many candidates for such a project...

The achievement of this adventure is also the result of a great team work, and it wouldn‘t be possible without the energy and support from our partners...

-          Snowsled
-          Flysurfer
-          Carnets d‘aventures

And friends and surroundings :

-          Laurent Jégu, logistic coordinator
-          Romain Moissard, administrator WOG association, logistics in France
-          Damien Fourcy, satellite mapping
-          Paul Cohen, logistics Narsaq
-          Sophie Castet, Marie-Anne Magnan, pharmacie preps
-          Olivier Nobili and Marie-Anne Le Van, project presentation file
-          Ludo, shop Vertige Montagne
-          Bruno Stainer, search for sponsors
-          Ramon Schoenmaker
-          Roger Daynes
-          Sylvie & Jean-Pierre Boileau
-          And many more

Thanks also to all the donators to the association „Wings ove Greenland“ (it‘s still possible to give us a hand)

To all these people : THANK YOU ! We do this for you.

We left Genvea on the 14th of april 2014 ; the 15th we‘ll get to south Greenland, Narsarsuaq.
The real departure of the journey will be from the bottom of the fjord Qaleralik.

We‘ll try our best to keep you posted from the ice cap ; Knowing of your support will help us a lot throughout the voyage. Stay connected !

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