Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hauling up the gear

Position: 61.0482 N 46.8423 W
Distance today: 3.2 km
Distance total: 6.9 km
Elevation 390 m
We spent another day ferrying up our heavy sledges (about 180 kg in total per person) on the glacier tongues towards the ice sheet. We have two sledges each of us, and the slope is still so steep, that we had to haul them one at a time. And while we did not make a lot of distance, every meter counts at this stage. We reached an altitude of 390 m, bringing us a little closer to where we hope to catch the wind with our kites. Hopefully tomorrow morning!

Envoyé de mon téléphone Android avec K-9 Mail. Excusez la brièveté.

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