Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Night session !

Day 4
Distance today : 24 km
Total distance : 47,5 km
Position N61.332, W047.201, alt 1370m

What a day yesterday… no wind at all to start with, so we used this opportunity to load our batteries. We set up our pulkas like a catamaran, thanks to the special preparation of our partner Roger Daynes, from Snowsled). That’s the sign that we are not pulling those pulkas on our own sweat anymore !

A NNE wind starts to blow around 7 pm. AT 10.30 pm it’s good enough for us to start today’s show for a 4 hours run with our headlights. The snow showers make it quite tricky to see anything else that the snowflakes themselves, but we progress forward, and upwards as well : almost 500m elevation gained !

We have to get out of this glacier swell on the south east, where very little catabatic winds are found. We take whatever wind we can, even if it can be hard to find the right wing for that. Hopefully another couple of tens of kilometers, and that’ll be easier !

Special thoughts to Clotilde for the “foie gras” that we couldn’t find any better reason to eat than pure enjoyment. Thanks a lot Clotilde.
The previous special thanks went to Hervé “350” Doux. We think of you very often.

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